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Mission and Vision

At The Mothership Has Landed, our mission is to empower and educate individuals by providing them with reliable and captivating content on a wide range of topics. We strive to be the go-to source for knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment. Our vision is to foster a curious and informed community that encourages personal growth and the sharing of diverse perspectives.


Since our establishment in 2010, The Mothership Has Landed has consistently aimed to deliver quality content across various domains. Our passion for discovery, authenticity, and the pursuit of knowledge has guided us throughout our growth. Our commitment to excellence has helped us evolve into a trusted platform, making a positive impact on the lives of our audience worldwide.

Founder – Christie Curtis

Christie Curtis, the visionary behind The Mothership Has Landed, is a respected industry leader and an avid enthusiast of knowledge-sharing. With a background in journalism and a flair for storytelling, Christie has played an instrumental role in shaping the growth and direction of our platform. Her unwavering dedication to offering readers an immersive and enlightening experience has become the backbone of the website.

Website Creation

The Mothership Has Landed was created out of the recognition that finding accurate and engaging information in the vast expanse of the internet could be a daunting task. In an era of information overload, our aim is to provide a platform where individuals can find well-curated content that not only entertains but also enlightens.


Our website’s primary objective is to deliver exceptional content that caters to the varied interests and curiosities of our audience. Through our articles, opinion pieces, interviews, and features, we aim to inform, engage, and inspire our readers.

Target Audience

Our target audience includes inquisitive individuals across all demographics who seek a reliable and enriching online experience. From the avid learners and knowledge seekers to individuals looking for inspiration, The Mothership Has Landed strives to cater to diverse interests.

Our Unique Value

What sets The Mothership Has Landed apart is the dedication and expertise of our team members. Behind the scenes, we have assembled a group of highly skilled editors and contributors who tirelessly research, write, and curate captivating content for our readers. Our commitment to factual accuracy and enriching experiences sets us apart in the digital landscape.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of enlightenment and discovery as our team at The Mothership Has Landed invites you to explore the vast expanse of knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment we have curated for you.

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